Sound Healing

– the intentional use of sound for the purpose of causing therapeutic and/or restorative effects. The treatment is both a passive and participatory experience and involves crystal chakra bowls, ocean and medicine drums, tuning forks and chanting


Therapeutic Touch

– founded in the 1970’s, this is a certified nursing intervention. The practice promotes healing, relaxation and symptom management based on energy field theoretical frameworks.

Creating Healing Space

– create a customized environment that promotes your intentions and well being through the use of the elements, medicine wheel and the senses. Claim your Space!



– ideal for those wanting to create a memorable event and a blessed experience! Ceremonies are designed for individual or group settings and may involve sound healing, smudge ceremony and healing circles. Events for celebration include but are not limited to: blessing of a rite of passage, birthdays, wedding/baby showers or celebration of life.

Customized Wellness

– our services are customized for the individual during treatment sessions to promote healing and restore balance.

Our Other Services Include

Elder Touch

Energetic Acupressure

Mindful Meditation

Reiki (Self Improvement)

Yoga Nidra

Soul/Life Coaching

Toe Reading

Holistic Pet Therapies

Auricular Therapy

Customized Aromatherapy


Flower Essences Therapy