Air Element

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Approx. 14 oz re-sealable bag : Our handmade bath salts combine therapeutic grade magnesium salt, castor oil and high-quality essential oils to provide an array of benefits.
Available in 5 scents (Elemental Scents: Fire, Water, Earth, Air &  Breathe Easy).

  • A handmade, custom magnesium salt blend that cleanses the body while nourishing the skin and enhancing circulation
  •  We suggest you bathe and soak for at least 20 minutes, 2 times per week to achieve therapeutic
    effects of relaxation, rejuvenation, detoxification and hydration.
  •  Relieve stress and tension, ease aches and soreness:  2 scoops of your choice of Elemental scent or Breathe easy for a relaxing soak or 4 scoops for an intensive treatment.
  •  Our bags feature a zip closure for easy access and a 2oz scoop for measuring and a semi-precious stone

This product line  of bath salts and spritzers has been developed with the
knowledge and intention of using the properties of Air, Earth, Fire and Water.

  • The elements have been essential to us all since the beginning of time and speaks to the most
    innate parts of ourselves.
  • The daily use and honoring of any of these primordial elements assists the individual by
    promoting healing, balance, discovery and creativity
  • Therapeutic grade essential oils activate the Elemental properties and sensory experience
  • Our products may also be used to bless and cleanse your surroundings while in meditation or
    prayer. Enjoy!

5 in stock

Air Element: Peppermint and lavender blend is used for mental clarity and uplifting your mood,
helpful for clarifying your perspective.



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