Medicinal Sage- Did You Know?

Sacred Sage, the keeper of wisdom, longevity, protection and cleansing. Most people are familiar with its use as a smudge wand to purify a sacred area before or during ceremony. Sage comes in many forms and varieties across the globe and may be used in many ways. Recipes, folk lore and historical uses abound when you research this amazing plant. We thought it best to focus on medicinal uses and properties. The benefits of sage are many- whichever variety you prefer!

common latin name- Salvia officinalis with the root meaning of Salvia meaning ‘to heal or save’ All types of sage a found to have antibacterial, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. All may be ingested, applied topically or inhaled- consult a licensed practitioner for guidelines.
Clary Sage- ‘known as the stress buster’ whether applied to the skin, inhaled or ingested this type of sage has been studied and daily use has been to shown to be effective for mood elevation, treatment for anxiety and depression. Some studies suggest hormone regulating ( estrogen/testosterone) benefits for men and women.
Spanish Sage- currently being researched for its anti-Alzheimer benefits. One study found that the enzyme (acetyl cholinesterase or AChE) that blocks an essential enzyme (acetylcholine or ACh) for proper neurotransmitter function, improved by 46%. A lack of ACh has been attributed to various types of Dementia. Memory recall, fact retension and cognitive alertness all improve with most types of sage but especially spanish sage.
White Sage- perhaps the most commonly known of all types of sage, white sage is well documented to be used by many First Nations people across North america. It has been called ‘ the Giver of Breath’ and when inhaled may be used to treat for colds, coughs, sore throats, influenza, headaches and stomachaches. Used as a compress for treatment of fevers, muscles cramps, aches and pains. As a tea to stop stomach upset, nausea, gas and bloating, assist with regulating menstruation or expelling after birth.
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