Heal the Healer- The Four Elements

Heal the Healer- The Four Elements

Nursology follows the guidance and teachings of the International Council of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. As such, we believe in a reverence for all Creation and use the Elements in our nursing practice. This sounds groovy but what does this really mean? It means that we have come to know and work with the four Elements- Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. These four have always been part of the spirit and human experience. They are living Beings that were given to us at the dawn of Creation and are with us every day.

We encourage every nurse and healer to explore these four Elements and make them part of your daily mindfulness. Sing to the water and stand in the rain. Climb a hill, listen, and let the wind blow through you. Light a candle and watch the flame as you meditate or pray. Stand barefoot in the Sunshine and take time to smell the roses. The gifts and beauty of the Elements are endless! They heal the heart, mind, body, and soul and when we reciprocate with them daily, that my dear hearts, is how the healer is healed. So take that bath, blow those bubbles, sit by that fire, and hug that tree!

Did You Know?

The four elements have been essential to us all since the beginning of time and speak to the most
innate parts of ourselves
The daily use and honoring of any of these primordial elements assists the individual by
promoting healing, balance, discovery, and creativity
The seasons, the four directions, and zodiac signs align with these elements. Integral in every part of human history, our myths, legends, Gods, and Goddesses are connected to an element…or all four!
Our day is divided into 4 threshold times in relation to the elements: air-dawn, fire-noon, dusk- water and midnight- earth
Air Element- the direction of the East, season: Spring, color: yellow, rules the mental realm and communication, promotes mental clarity and uplifting your mood, helpful for clarifying your perspective
Earth Element: the direction of the North, season: Winter, color: green, rules our physical realm and grounding, used for stabilizing emotions and enhancing practicality, helping to strengthen your body and energy
Fire Element: the direction of the South, season: Summer, color: red, used for increasing your energy and inspiring creativity, helpful to evoke your passions
Water Element: the direction of the West, season: Fall, color: blue, used for releasing and calming your emotions, helpful for you to cleanse and relax
Our products may also be used to bless and cleanse your surroundings while in meditation or prayer. Choose your spritzer, salve, or bath salts to enhance your discovery of the healing properties of the Elements. Enjoy!

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