Amazing Arnica- Did You Know?

Aha, Arnica! This bright little member of the Sunflower family packs a big punch when it comes to pain relief. It is homeopathic treatments for centuries to treat muscle pain and spasms, inflammation, bruising, sprains and arthritis. The flowers are found all over the world in Europe, North America, Asia and Russia. There are many uses and fun facts and for this happy yellow blossom, here are just a few:

latin name arnica montana
arnica is considered at its peak potency in mid-summer and farmers from various cultures would place arnica flowers throughout their fields to bless the harvest and keep bad spirits from harming their crops. Crops protected by arnica include corn, wheat and any other crop that thrives by the sun
Helenalin cytokenes causing inflammatory responses in the body are inhibited when arnica is ingested or applied topically. Recent research suggests that arnica may inhibit tumor growth and could soon be approved and classified as having anti-cancer properties
arnica supports circulation and blood flow as it is a natural blood thinner. Caution should be used when one is taking anticoagulants or if you are pregnant. Avoid taking arnica orally unless otherwise advised by your doctor/practitioner
common arnica treatments include topical salves and gels, homeopathic tablets, capsules and teas and should be used 2-4 times per day for greatest benefit
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