Meet Diana & Leslie

Our passion is to promote growth, peace, and self-discovery. Our goal is to create insightful, empowering and sensory experiences by incorporating modalities of the ancient, traditional and modern healing arts.

Leslie Davis-Paige!

Registered Nurse

Welcome…I am a Master’s prepared Registered Nurse and my specialty is in nursing education with a Veteran-centric perspective.  Over the past 5 years, Arizona has been the place I call home.  However, my childhood memories are embraced all the way from Toledo, Ohio, which is where my love for wellness and the art of nursing began. 

In my nursing practice, I have enjoyed blending and bridging the gap between traditional and holistic therapies.  I have infused a wide array of alternative modalities through Muscle Response Testing (MRT), aura cleansing and breathing techniques.  I believe in getting to the root cause of dis-ease by treating the whole person balancing mind, body, and Spirit.  On your healing journey, I provide a tranquil, safe space for you to relax, release and rejuvenate one breath at a time.   I am passionate about helping you reach your full potential.  Know that I am here when you are ready to connect with the highest and best version of YOU…

Diana Ing!

Registered Nurse

Greetings! I am a Canadian nurse that has been living in the Phoenix area since 2004. Most of my 19 years of nursing have been spent as a full-time Hospice nurse and doing program development. The main programs developed were for non-pharmacological approaches for dementia care, CNA curriculum and developing resource nurse positions for various companies. In addition to my Bachelors of Nursing Science degree, I have studied and practiced many different healing modalities.

I have always complimented my nursing career with holistic and alternative therapies. I have a great love for the healing arts and have held readings, workshops, and ceremony with others since a young age.  I have learned and experienced the power of healing through the use of the elements, moon cycles, and teachings of the Celtic and first nations peoples. Healing and wellness is a journey and I  aim to provide a safe space to explore, discover and grow.